Quiet Power Strategy™ Certified Business Coaches

Each business coach has been trained & certified by Tara Gentile.

Looking for a creative business coach? Our Quiet Power Strategy™ certified strategists are equipped with tools & techniques to help you create the wealth, peace, and ease you crave.

Each has their own style, individual expertise, and interests. If you need help finding a match, please email us: rosanna@taragentile.com.

Shelly Waldman

Creative. Analytical. And determined to make business complexities simple. For Shelly, small business coaching was a passionate accident. She cared so much about her fellow creative business owners’ successes that she jumped in to help, sharing all she’d learned from her own ventures. In the process, she realized what she experienced firsthand – from launching her own photography business, analyzing budgets for one of the largest financial institutions in the country, studying economics at UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), and apprenticing under Tara Gentile – was infinitely valuable to making small businesses simple, streamlined and profitable. Her ability to wrap her head around confusing and multi-faceted business concepts and break them into simple terms and tasks easily checked off of a to-do list was like pure oxygen for her clients, taking the overwhelming part of business off the table. Shelly is known for her patience, thoughtfulness and desire to understand each client’s unique position and needs. Her insatiable desire to learn and understand makes her advice relevant and actionable for all of her very diverse clients. She’s adventurous in life (hiking, camping, traveling, and even twisty slides), so it’s no surprise that she sees each client project similarly – something fun, something to learn from, something to discover, and something to complete.

Coaching With Shelly

I’m excited to work with business owners because I love helping people. I want them to feel successful, feel confident and feel supported. I want to help them break down, push over and climb over the obstacles that scare them, stop them and bewilder them. I’m looking for clients that want results and are ready and willing to put in the time. I get energized when working on streamlining projects, delving into business models and financials (cash flows, projections, pricing) and then packaging up the product and service in a marketing plan ready to launch.

  • Financial Analysis 100%
  • Project Management 100%
  • Strategy 100%
  • Positioning 100%
  • Marketing 100%

Get In Touch with Shelly

Website: businessjuice.co
Email: shelly @ businessjuice . co

Kyla Roma

Since 2009 I’ve worked behind the scenes in the businesses of hundreds of motivated entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, photographers, big thinkers and soloprenures in all different stages of growth. I became self employed by creating a popular lifestyle blog which I monetized and used to start a boutique website design firm. When I first started, it seemed like my business demanded attention 24/7. And it didn’t love me back! I became passionate about business and designing a model that not just supports but creates the life I wanted to live, and used that motivation to create a profitable business that I loved. I became a business strategist to take that work further and help other business owners create freedom for themselves. I’ve worked with one woman shops and six figure businesses, have managed large remote teams, contracted freelancers, created scalable systems, launched websites and group programs and kept on top of the day to day details. I’m known for setting clients up to have a flurry of insight during and after our conversations, my enthusiastic and results oriented approach and making clients laugh.

Coaching With Kyla

My specialty is helping small business owners create a digital strategy that plugs directly into their business model and helping writers, artists and bloggers create healthy business engines that fuel their profitability. I have deep knowledge on design and creative work, launching online programs and working with location independent teams. I work best with people who are ready for help with taking their work to the next level by working on the numbers, the content and on what their business model creates in their lives. I love helping people get inspired, focused and take action that leads to big results, no matter the size of the business.

  • Content Marketing 100%
  • Sales 100%
  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Profitable Websites 100%
  • Positioning 100%

Get in Touch with Kyla

Website: kylaroma.com
E-mail: kyla@kylaroma.com

Lisa Princic

Lisa helps impact-driven entrepreneurs find true clarity, true clients and true wealth. She is a trained business strategist and coach who believes that focusing on creating value and being in service to customers is the winning combination for success.

She encourages her clients to use a mindful and objective approach to building businesses that align with their goals and values and deliver outstanding results to their customers. To move from being self-employed to a true business owner, they need to go to the heart of their business model to discover what’s real and what’s possible.

Lisa is the author of Soul Strategy – the conscious entrepreneurs guide to earning and creating value. She is an advocate for community-supported innovation and sees entrepreneurship as a way for communities to develop sustainable, people-lead economies that have long-term resilience and are awesome places to live.

Coaching With Lisa

I love truth and transformation – the moment when my clients discover what they are uniquely designed to do, are ready to own their talent and show up in the world. When they shift from desiring more to seeking their truth they begin to reach their revenue and impact goals immediately. I use truth-powered business strategy to increase their confidence and leverage their brand.

Conscious entrepreneurs who are driven to do the work they love and are wired for fulfillment and contribution are a great match for me.


  • Business Model Development 100%
  • Crafting Value Propositions 100%
  • Mindfulness and Objectivity 100%
  • Truth-Powered Strategy 100%

Get in Touch with Lisa

Website: lisaprincic.com
E-mail: lisa@lisaprincic.com

Ariane Trelaun

Ariane Trelaun is the founder and CEO of Do Your Thing, which provides numbers-based coaching to entrepreneurs ready to next-level their businesses. Her coaching work with entrepreneurs draws on her extensive business and financial experience, combined with her skill as a teacher & cheerleader, to help CEOs build meaningful & fulfilling businesses, along with beautiful lives, on their own terms.

Coaching With Ariane

Ariane specializes in training small business owners, especially coaches and creatives, to read and understand their financials, so they can use them to drive to greater success. She loves working with creative business owners to re-engineer their business models and prices to line up the value of their offerings with the price to the customer. And yes, to make more money.

  • Pricing 100%
  • Business Model Engineer 100%
  • Financial Analysis 100%

Get in Touch with Ariane

Website: doyourthing.biz
E-mail: ariane@doyourthing.biz