Creating your next online course, program, or workshop this year?

You Can Teach to 10, 100, or 1,000 Without Sacrificing Transformational Results

You’ve heard them preaching: the key to making more money with an online business is building and selling an online course. And…


You know it’s true. But you suspect you might have been left out of the money-making party.

After all, the work you do is based on years of experience, know-how, and expertise. Your approach is intuitive and personalized.

Every time you’ve created (or tried) to create an online course or program, you get stuck on what to include and what to leave out because the totality of your knowledge just can’t be boiled down into a step-by-step process. You’re afraid that if you leave anything out, you’ll be cheating your customers of the best of you.

Or, you’ve shipped an online course or program with a simplified version of your knowledge and, well, found it lacking.

What’s more, you can hear that nagging voice saying you’re not good enough to teach, you can’t remove yourself from the process without it all falling apart, or if you press on just a little longer, you’ll finally have what you need to move forward…

Or maybe it’s just too late…

It’s not too late. In fact, you’re just in time for something big.

The online learning market is changing. Something big is coming and it’s just for you.

You haven’t been left out of the money-making party, you don’t have to sacrifice transformational results, you can allow intuition–even magic–to guide your customers, and now is the time start!

You can create an online course, program, or workshop that’s grounded in depth, long-lasting change, and stick-to-your-ribs impact.

In fact, you’re just the business owner for the job.

The online learning market has changed. The bar has been raised. There’s a new educational kid on the block:

Enter the Learning Experience

I hesitate to call it magic…

…but many people would.

It’s that feeling you get—that energy you sense—when your teaching, coaching, or ideas light up a client’s eyes.


There it is… there’s the magic.

Suddenly, the challenge they’re facing starts to fade away and the next chapter of their relationship, career, business, or life starts to come into focus.

When you sit down with a client, you’re confident that sooner or later this moment comes. You have a history of helping people transform into who they want to be.

The old way of creating step-by-step Information Products has continually fallen short for both you and your customers. They’ve lacked the type of engagement and long-lasting results you value.

But Learning Experiences change all that.

A Learning Experience creates an environment that encourages participants to apply, analyze, and evaluate their way to deep learning and mastery.

You are the perfect person to turn your work into a Learning Experience.

tmc_graphic2While other business owners can offer step-by-step how to’s for processes that are easily Google-able, you can create experiences that stand out.

While other entrepreneurs struggle against information’s desire to be free, you can charge a premium for work that has the space for deep understanding and mastery.

While other providers wrestle with stiff competition, you can build a brand in a category of one and market your business easily with glowing testimonials and free-flowing referrals.

The market is waiting for people like you to pioneer a different kind of online learning product. Your prospects are hungry for something that digs deeper, goes further, and honors the growth they’ve already done.

We created The Master Class to guide you through the process of creating this special kind of learning experience.

Your mission (you’ve already chosen to accept it)

When you create your next online course, workshop, or group program with The Master Class, you’ve put yourself on the fast track to both making much more money in much less time and reaching goals like these:

  • Working with open-minded, sophisticated, deep-thinking clients
  • Making the process of change and growth feel almost magical or serendipitous
  • Trusting the system as much as you trust yourself or your intuition
  • Creating space for clients to achieve deep learning
  • Nurturing clients to become self-reliant—not reliant on you as a teacher, trainer, or coach.
  • Guiding clients to reliably achieve amazing results
  • Creating leverage to earn a lot more money without a lot more work
  • Never losing integrity with the depth, thoroughness, or power of your work

Ok, you’re thinking this all sounds pretty good… but you’re probably also thinking it sounds like a pipe dream. You’ve seen plenty of Information Products out there and the vast majority of them don’t meet those standards.

How could yours be different?

Because if I can make this work, so can you.

Three years ago, I buried my Impostor Complex and stepped on stage at CreativeLive–a video learning platform that broadcasts to tens of thousands of learners every day.


On stage at CreativeLive. I now have logged over 100 hours of teaching on their platform.

My first class went well. I spent 3 days teaching everything I could to a group of 10 in-studio students and more viewers online than I wanted to think about.

Then, they wanted to have me back. They liked my style and suspected I had more to teach.

I dug deep and came up with another class. This one went a little better. Then, they asked me to do it again.

This time, I was bound and determined to not just create an “okay” class (CreativeLive might have dug what I was doing… but I knew I could do so much better). So I hired Breanne Dyck.

Breanne Dyck is a geek (hey, so am I). She’s passionate about the psychology and business behind learning, whether it’s for a conference like Chris Guillebeau’s Pioneer Nation, a signature program like Rachel Cole’s Feast, or a 2-day live retreat like my Quiet Power Strategy®. She’s also passionate about Lego (please don’t pluralize it), table-top gaming, and Canada.

Oh, and she’s a learning strategist, the founder of MNIB Consulting, and the creator of Quiet Power Strategy®: The Master Class.

Breanne guided me through 4 distinct improvements… and it created a massive change, right down to my slide deck.

I told Breanne that I’ve always struggled with being criticized for overwhelming students, being too conceptual, not making my teaching practical enough, and just being too academic overall. I was ready to put all that behind me–without sacrificing my smarts.

Breanne helped me turn a decent content outline into a plan for an engaging, action-packed, results-oriented course. To do so we:

  • Clarified learning objectives based on what students really wanted to do (not what I wanted to teach them)
  • Identified the skills students needed to learn and practice to be able to move forward (so they could get work done during the course, instead of after–or never)
  • Created learning activities for every concept and desired outcome (so they could practice their newfound skills)
  • Opened up opportunities for reflection throughout so students could see just how far they’d come!



A look inside my slide deck…

I was able to delete 33% of my slides so I was less focused on content and more focused on action!

In later workshops, that’s meant my prep time has been nearly cut in half!

This course has had 9,200 students, 60 thumbs-up reviews, and ranks among the bestsellers at CreativeLive among hundreds of courses in their catalog. Plus, CreativeLive sends me a nice check every 3 months…


It’s reviews like these that show me just how far I’ve come as an instructor…

What’s more? With Breanne’s keen eye and solid guidance, we were able to do all this much faster than I thought possible.

Your next Learning Experience is waiting to be born

Your Learning Experience is all about your customers, not content.

With The Master Class process, you’ll stop worrying about what content to include and what not include. Your customers will tell you.

You’ll stop worrying about whether you can boil your process down into a step-by-step plan. Your customers will guide you.

You’ll stop worrying that the online learning opportunity has passed you by. Your customers will thank you for what you’ve created.

None of this is hypothetical or conceptual. You’ll apply everything you learn to a Learning Experience you create during the workshop.

By the end of The Master Class, you’ll have a complete plan and outline for an online learning product that can finally replicate the results you get with 1:1 clients or in-person events.

So let’s take a closer look at The Master Class process:

Session 1: Assess what your customer really wants to do.

Your customer is driven by a deep desire to do something different and experience a long-lasting change. Maybe they want to stop…

  • Dating duds and create a healthy romantic relationship…
  • Eating out so often and start cooking healthy meals at home…
  • Second-guessing themselves at work and start confidently asking their boss for what they want…

During the first session of The Master Class, Breanne guides you through The Perfect Participant. She’ll take you lightyears beyond any “ideal client profile” and show you how your Perfect Participant will guide you through every step of the process.

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Identify your Perfect Participant so you can build a Learning Experience that feels as personalized as a 1:1 session
  • Design an irresistible offer based on your Perfect Participant’s needs so your Learning Experience is easy to sell
  • Predict how your Perfect Participant will interact with your product so you can see problems before they happen


Breanne always provides clear and specific help

“Breanne Dyck is a course design rockstar.

I’ve worked with her on two projects so far, and she always provides clear and specific help for end-users that exceeds what I could create on my own. As a bonus, she also asks great questions. If you get the chance to receive her help or listen to her questions, don’t hesitate.”

Chris Guillebeau

New York Times Bestselling Author & Creator of Pioneer Nation

Session 2: Choose what skills you’ll teach to help your customer do what they want to do.

Learning Experiences aren’t created step-by-step because the real world (and our brains) don’t really work step-by-step. There are too many variables… and too many awesome potential applications.

So your Learning Experience is built skill-by-skill.


That’s Breanne rocking the stage at the first Quiet Power Strategy® Summit.

You stack key skills, one on top of another, so that your students can apply what they’re learning to a variety of situations. They don’t just learn how to tackle their core objective, they learning a lifelong skill that serves them in all sorts of situations.

In the second session of The Master Class, Breanne guides you through choosing these skills.

They’ll become the backbone of the content you decide to include (or not) and the key to understanding your students’ amazing success.

By the end of Session 2, you will:

  • Identify the Core Promise of your Learning Experience so you’re focused on creating the outcomes your audience wants to buy.
  • Position your Learning Experience to stand out in the market even if you’re in a crowded industry
  • Choose the topics to cover during your Learning Experience so you can set the tone for impact from the beginning 

I got great feedback from students.

“I ran my pilot course back in August and it was a great success. I sold 19 out of 20 spots but, most importantly, got great feedback from students. They loved the bite-sized setup.  I worked really hard to keep things simple and not overload my students with a ton of content.

My main goal was to give them as much action as possible and really rein in my tendency to give them more than necessary. I just got this feedback from a student: “This course is the best $80 I have spent in my entire life. Seriously.” And the really cool thing is that she’s going back through the course a second time and raving about how much she’s continuing to get out of it.”

Lisa Gillispie

Creator of Beyond Kegels

Session 3: Design your learning activities

Action is where it’s at.

Remember how much fun it was to get out of the science lecture and into the lab? That’s what your learning activities are like.

It’s a chance for your customers to experiment and play. They learn better by doing–almost all of us do.

The bonus here is that your learning activities aren’t content for you to create, just a direction you give your customers. That’s less time spent on creation and more time spent on results.

In the third session of The Master Class, Breanne guides you through designing your learning activities.

By the end of Session 3, you will:

  • Use your topics and Core Promise to create a work plan for your Learning Experience so you know exactly what to do and when
  • Produce a complete outline for your Learning Experience so you’re never confused about what content to include and what to leave out
  • Organize your content to maximize customers results so you can earn tons of future business from referrals


Session 4: Reflect on the actions taken.

An important–and very often overlooked–aspect of learning is reflection. If your customers don’t reflect back on what they’ve learned and taken action on, they can’t fully integrate the change they’ve just experienced.

That means their results won’t be as deep or long-lasting as they could be.

Of course, reflection is an important part of improving your business, too. During the reflection phase, you learn what stuck and what didn’t.

You also experience the benefit of your students realizing just how far they’ve come… which means they can then explain the value of what you’re offering to their friends and family too.

Reflection gives your students confidence, it gives you the information you need to improve your products, and it gives your business a serious bump in the revenue department.

For your Learning Experience, reflection could be planning, sharing with a group, self-reflection in a journal, or checking successes off a list.

In the fourth session of The Master Class, Breanne guides you through creating opportunities for reflection for your students so they can see just how far they’ve come, fully integrate the results, and celebrate their victories.

In Session 4, you will:

  • Integrate your Perfect Participant, Core Promise, and course outline so you can visualize your completed Learning Experience
  • Design your Learning Experience so you feel comfortable and in control every step of the way
  • Plan to gather feedback from your customers so you can continue to improve your Learning Experience every time you offer it

They said exactly what I hope they would say!

“YES! I just had our final call for my first beta round on Thursday, and I used part of the time to ask for feedback. They said exactly what I hoped they would say!

One gal said she really felt like she could do this (write an epic post) again and again using the same system–which was a big goal for me. And another raved about how concrete and actionable everything was. She said she had done big business courses in the past where all she was left with was overwhelm but, even though she had not yet completed all the homework, she knew exactly what her next steps should be and how to do everything.”

Lacy Boggs

Founder of The Content Direction Agency

Now you have to sell the thing…

taragentile_2017_circleThat’s where I come in. My name is Tara Gentile and I’ve been creating and selling online learning products since 2009. 

My online learning products have been featured in Forbes, Inc, and DailyWorth. And, I’m a bestselling CreativeLive instructor with 6 courses in their catalog.

I’ll show you how to craft an effective, learning-based sales campaign for your new Learning Experience.

We’ll plan it out, piece by piece, live during the workshop.

You’ll have the utmost confidence in your ability to turned interested readers or viewers into customers. And…

You’ll start to see the explosive growth for your business you know is possible thanks to online learning offers like your new Learning Experience.

In Session 5, you will:

  • Identify your prospect’s level of awareness
  • Craft a message that resonates with your prospect and earns their attention
  • Plan a sales campaign that overcomes objections, empowers the right prospects, and closes the deal

Before We Finished, I Had $5,000 in My Pocket

“After working with Breanne and market-testing my ideas, I realized that out of the 8-10 things I THOUGHT people should know, they were really excited about just one of those challenges…which made my work 10x easier, because I could go really deep one that topic.

Before we had even finished The Master Class, I had $5,000 in my pocket and a 23% conversion rate on my pilot offer. What REALLY excites me is how Breanne showed me how to really focus on my participants’ results: after just one session, I can already see the impact I am making on them.”

Mindy Crary

Founder of Creative Money and Creator of Sales Boss

You’re not on your own


Welcome to our interactive VIRTUAL classroom. Ask questions, post work, and chat with colleagues.

You’ll work with 19 other business owner-educators during our live VIRTUAL 2-day workshop. You’ll support each other, offer feedback, and cheer each other to victory along the way.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get feedback and coaching straight from Breanne and me. We use a highly interactive classroom where you can post work, request more information on a topic, and ask questions at any time.

And of course, you’ll have the time and space to do the work over the 2-days we’re together so that you really will have a complete plan for building and selling your Learning Experience by the end.

This works for intuitive, personalized services like coaching

We know it’s been hard to transfer your highly intuitive, highly personalized service to the online learning environment. This process is designed for work like yours.

We’ll give you the framework you need to identify the skills your participants need to learn and the activities that will create the space they need to create their own magic. That’s the real key to being able to scale what you do.

This works even if you’ve just starting growing your audience

Til now, you’ve only needed a few high-paying clients to make your business work… but you’re ready for more. So, you’ve started growing your audience. Smart move!

This works for you, too. We’ll show you how building your Learning Experience can actually lead to rapid audience growth and how your sales campaign can be a major list-builder.

This works even if you’ve struggled to get people to pay in the past

Let’s face it: it can be damn hard to get people to buy.

The way you create your Learning Experience changes all that. Because you’re focused on what your customers wants to do–with concrete, specific examples–you’ll easily communicate what you’re offering, why it’s right for your customer, and how it will help them solve pressing problems.

Even better, because you’re creating an experience where the work (personal, professional, internal, external) gets done during the program, you can charge more and have people ready and willing to pay your new price.

This works even if you don’t want to run live classes

I love teaching live because my students fuel me. But I don’t want to have to be there every time, either.

My CreativeLive classes sell–and get amazing results–long after we wrap live production. It’s completely possible to totally remove yourself from the process.

Your learning activities become the urgent, must-do components of the program. Your Learning Experience feels just as pressing to your students as a live class because they’re tackling a problem that’s, well, pressing.

This is your time. Time for The Master Class.

When you join us for The Master Class, you commit to spending 2 days working on the future of your business and creating your Learning Experience.

Since creating an online course or program was already one of your goals for this year, this is time you’ve already allotted on your schedule–or should have!–for creating this thing.

But now, you can get the help of a seasoned guide and expert, Breanne Dyck, plus the support of 19 other business owner-educators who are focused on the same goal as you are.

You also get The Master Class Playbook…

…which becomes your own personal Playbook for your online course, program, workshop.

You’ll start at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific and work til about 6:30pm Eastern/3:30pm Pacific, with plenty of breaks and integration time.

You’ll gather with the rest of the group in our interactive classroom, powered by Crowdcast. Replays are almost instant after session wrap, chat doesn’t disappear, and questions are archived for easy navigation through video recordings.

Most of the courses our students design are priced to make back this investment in 1-4 sales. Of course, those same classes often go on to sell 10-100 times or more, making this one of the best returns on investment you can experience in today’s online business environment.

We want to make sure you’re a perfect fit and in a great position to reap the benefits of this program. So instead of asking for money today, we’re asking for your application. 

Answer a few simple questions about your business and your goals. Breanne will personally review your application and answers any questions about the program and your needs. Then we’ll let you know you’re accepted and direct you to your payment options.

erfect for The Master Class

The Master Class is an intense 2 days spent working closely with Breanne and I–plus 19 other business owners who are working to build a transformational learning experience, too. That’s why it’s so important to us that you’re a perfect fit… because “good” isn’t good enough.

Here’s how you’ll know. You:

  • Created an online learning product in the past but weren’t impressed with the results–either for your business or your customers. 
  • Want an alternative to boring information products that don’t create the results they promise.
  • Set a standard for your business to never have to sacrifice the big results you achieve working with clients individually.
  • Hope that even your best work could be translated into a 1-to-many solution–so you can create the global impact you dream of.
  • Want confidence in the way you’re teaching and the results you’re promising.
  • Have worked with at least 10-15 clients or customers.
  • Plan to create an online learning product before the end of the year so you can incorporate a big, new revenue stream into your business in 2017.

If not now, when?

I’ve generated well over $1m in sales through Learning Experiences. My clients have generated even more.

My Learning Experiences have turned into speaking engagements in Glasgow, Cancun, Portland, LA, and Denver. I’ve been interviewed in countless podcasts, featured in magazines like Forbes and Inc, and known as a leader in my field.

Plus, I’ve been able to work with 15-20x the number of business owners I would have been able to work with through 1:1 business coaching alone. My clients have seen similar results in life coaching, health coaching, financial services, gardening, art, and more.

If you’re looking for results like these, there has never been a better time to get started.

The longer you wait to create your online learning product, the longer you have to wait for more money with less work, more recognition with less hustle, and more freedom with less responsibility.

When you start now, you’re one (or many, many) steps closer to freeing your business from the trap of trading time for money. You’re closer to stepping into your role (and reaping the benefits of) as a business owner–instead of a freelancer or service provider. And, you’re closer transforming the lives of the people you care about most.

Why a 2-day intensive?

Business owners who succeed have access to smart, savvy colleagues who are honest, open, and transparent about what’s worked for them. Just how often are you talking to people who are overcoming similar challenges and working towards similar goals to you?

Our guess is not nearly often enough.

Our goal with The Master Class is to change that–and give you a solid block of time to do the work that will take your business to the next level.

As soon as you register for The Master Class, you’re stepping into a community of business owners who have your back and are working towards a similar goal.

The Master Class 2-day intensive gives you the space, support, and expert advice you need to create what you want to create. Finally.

What if I need help later on?

We’re including 6 months of complimentary membership (valued at $354) in The Lab where you can get receive ongoing support from me, Breanne, and over 400 business owners.

Your Lab membership includes access to our resource library with guides on branding, pricing, advertising, landing pages, sales copy, and more. It also includes 2 monthly Q&A calls with me.

Any time you run into a roadblock, tech question, or strategic fuzzy area, you can post in our community and receive quick feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to take a call or run an errand?

All of our sessions will be recorded. However, you should plan to attend as much of 2-day intensive live as possible. If you need to “take care of business” during our implementation sessions, please plan for additional time to complete your plan. We expect the best results for those who are willing to set aside the full 2 days for the intensive.

What if I'm new to my business?

We’ll admit: this gets a little tricky. To make the best use of The Master Class, you should have an established customer or client base. It doesn’t have to be tons of people, 10-15 is plenty. You should also have experience making offers to your audience (services, digital products, etc…) and have some experience creating marketing materials (blog, podcast, videos, Facebook, etc…). 

Beyond that, there is no threshold for revenue, list size, or how pretty your website is. You just need data (numerical or narrative) to make the best use of the experience.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a unique experience that happens in just 2 days, there is a “no refund” policy. We’ve spent years refining this process and we know it can work for you–if you’re willing to do the work. That said, there is always risk in business. If you’re risk-averse, this is probably not the experience for you.

If you register and cannot make the live event for unforeseen circumstances, we will extend your purchase to the next Master Class intensive.

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