Shawn Tuttle writes about the benefits of making decisions that align with your identity.
Shawn Tuttle
by Shawn Tuttle

You may have read Tara and Breanne’s conversation about the importance of identity (if you haven’t, bookmark this conversation between the two – it’s a good one!). I am hugely inspired by Tara’s take on that concept because I’m convinced of the impact it can have for our life and biz as creative entrepreneurs once we get clear on it:

  • It makes decision-making easier.
  • It keeps us on track toward the business we truly want.
  • It prevents Shiny Object Syndrome and increases resilience toward the endless stream of shoulds that come our way every single day.

That first one alone is a biggie, isn’t it? Making decisions and taking action is what being an entrepreneur is all about. And it’s tough. It requires that we commit. What ends up happening is that in fear of making the wrong decision we make no decision. The open-ended Q’s spin around the head endlessly, exhaustingly. We ponder and loop and research — and slowly work ourselves into feeling stuck.


But when you are aligned with your identity, you’ll see what decision is right for you and your business, right now. You see the next step.

So, let’s take a look at what’s going on under the hood: 

A while ago, Tara changed her title from Business Strategist to CEO of a training company. That took about two minutes to update on her social media profiles, and even less to say next time she’d introduce herself. At the surface level, it might not seem like a big deal. But, oh, it is. Because this title is not all there is to Tara’s identity, it is a reflection. Her identity is who she wants to be in business. 

  • Your identity impacts your beliefs.
  • Your beliefs impact your thoughts (and decisions).
  • Your thoughts impact your actions.
  • Your actions impact who you are in the world.

In Tara’s case, the reality of her business already matched the CEO title. She was in fact running a company and not available for hire as a service provider. Her strategy for bringing people onto her team had shifted — the theme no longer being “what can free me up to do more of what I can do best?” but ”how can that role contribute to the growth and revenue of the company?”

Owning the identity of CEO brought it all into alignment: beliefs, thoughts, actions, being. But it also works the other way around – by clarifying your identity, you can create a strong anchor for decision-making, a litmus test. Is this in line with who I want to be?

Now, how do you know if your way of doing business is in alignment with your identity?

You feel it.

I know that doesn’t come easy. There are so many signals out there telling us we should look outward for direction. But exploring how you feel, what you truly desire, is just as valid. I didn’t make that up, by the way. Over the years, I have observed so many amazingly successful women leverage the skill of listening to how they feel in building kick-ass businesses.

Listening to your own internal wisdom (yes, I said it) and trusting it takes practice. But it is completely achievable, and once you know how to tune in, it becomes a powerful driver.

And regarding the practicing part: There’s a whole methodology centered around cultivating your capacity to act in alignment with the identity you envision for yourself in life and biz. I call it the New WoW (New Way of Working). I’ve created an online summit to explore this methodology with you and 10 phenomenal women entrepreneurs (including Tara!), in a super actionable way: the New WoW Summit, December 28 – January 1.

It’s completely free, and designed to fit into the end-of-year schedule.


Join Shawn Tuttle, Tara Gentile, Bari Tessler, Beth Buelow and more for the New Way of Working Summit

We’ll dive deep into what it takes to clarify your identity, and share specific exercises and tools you can use to bring it forth.

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Shawn is on a mission to help creative women realize the success they envision by integrating head and heart in their biz. In over 8 years of working with smart women full of integrity and dedicated to inspiring projects, she’s seen a common theme: working hard is tripping them up. They experience a level of stress and frustration that’s totally at odds with who they want to be in their biz, and they have no idea what to do differently.

Shawn supports them in hitting their stride with programs and tools at the intersection of productivity and mindfulness–all infused with the core principles of the New Way of Working. Her inspiration for the New Way of Working summit was to offer a deep exploration of how successful soulpreneurs are applying these principles to bring forth their amazing work with calm and confidence–and how you can, too.


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