How to Price Your Products & Services to Grow Your Business—Without the Guessing Game

I’m Tara Gentile, author of The Art of Earning, and I’ll take you through my 6-step process for pricing with confidence in this free course.

There are 6 key components to any price. I’ll walk you through them, step-by-step.

Develop The Story You Want to Tell

…even if you’re just starting out or making a transition in your business


Factor In The Right Numbers to Determine Your Base Price

…at least 1 of these 4 factors you’re not currently using


Check Your Initial Price Against 3 Influencers You Can't Forget About

…so you know your pricing strategy works for your business instead of against it

Find the People Willing To Pay Your Price

…even if you need to raise your prices dramatically

Communicate the Value of What You Offer

…so people are excited to buy no matter what you charge

Create a Whole Business Plan That Integrates Your Price Story

…even if you’re prone to flying by the seat of your pants

With a combination of altruism, strength, inspiration, and most of all strong knowledge and experience working with solo-preneurs, and small business owners Tara’s effect on her students is infectious and inspiring.

Michael Karsh

Executive Producer of Content, CreativeLive

Hi, I’m Tara Gentile and I help entrepreneurs love making money.

I’ve been helping business owners like you price their products and services with confidence since I released my first book, The Art of Earning.

Whether you’ve just started or been at this for years, I’ll help you determine the right price for your offers–and find the people willing to pay your prices.Click the button below to get started today!

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