It's Not a Magic Formula. It's a Strategic Action Plan Built Just For You.

Quiet Power Strategy®: The Foundation helps business owners turn smart ideas into influence, customers, and cash by giving them a step-by-step process for creating a strategic action plan that works.

Stacey Howe-Lott, Stellar Scores

I’m showing my daughter that she can dream up something out of nothing and make it happen.

I love the fact that I’ve got a business plan to give my very-well-paid-computer-programmer husband a run for his money as to who can be the top earner in the family. I love the fact that I’m showing my daughter that she can dream up something out of nothing and make it happen. I love the fact that I am funding my daughter’s college education AND donating money to to help fund educational projects for other schoolchildren as well. But mostly I love the fact that I am able to help hundreds of more students learn more efficiently, more effectively, and accomplish their dreams.

— Stacey Howe-Lott, founder of Stellar Scores

Update: Stacey has launched a line of systematic resources to distill her years of experience into easy-to-use guides. 

It seems so easy, right? Start with something you’re passionate about, follow the instructions, make money.

You’re smart enough to know that that’s not how business works. If it was, everyone would start a business and make plenty of money.

Instead, no matter how many formulas, cookie cutter plans, or instruction manuals you’ve tried, your business performs less like the starship Enterprise and more like Serenity.

If you don’t get that reference, feel free to substitute “BMW” and “Pinto.”

Great businesses aren’t built on formulas or cookie cutter plans. Look at the companies making waves today (Apple, Netflix, Stitch Fix, or Uber) and you see innovation—whether it’s in product, model, or customer.

They’ve chosen to defy industry standards and use their defiance to their advantage. They’ve chosen to focus on their own unique advantages and turn it into unconventional practices that work.

They’ve chosen to craft a strategy instead of hoping tactical lightning strikes twice.

But everywhere you turn to look for help with your creative, idea-driven, nonconventional business, you find another formula or cookie cutter plan.

Enough is enough.

Smart entrepreneurs engineer their success with their own plans instead of trying to use someone else’s.

Quiet Power Strategy®: The Foundation walks both new & experienced business owners through creating a focused, strategic action plan that works for you so that you can turn your unique strengths, ideas, and experience into customers, cash, and influence.

Every Part of Your Plan Needs to Work Together

This is the system we use to help you make that happen.

In Sessions 1-3, you make bold decisions about your strategic focus and say “no” to what’s not working so your everyday actions are always getting your closer to your goal.

In Sessions 4-6, you bring what’s most compelling about you and your business to the forefront of everything you do so more people want to do business with you naturally.

In Sessions 7-9, you don’t learn who your customer is; you figure out how they think and why they act the way they do. You anticipate their needs and create opportunities to serve them long-term.

In Sessions 10-12, you build a cash machine (i.e. your business model) based on the long-term needs of your customers. Plus, you craft a new offer and implement strategic pricing.

In Sessions 13-15, you engineer a marketing and sales system that fuels your cash machine and connects more of the right people with your products.

In Sessions 16-18, you revisit the bold choices you made throughout the program to construct a step-by-step strategic action plan with deadlines, key performance metrics, and milestones. 

Each Session is delivered in a bite-sized–yet satisfying–video presentation. Sessions are also available via audio and transcript. You’ll receive a workbook so that everything you’re learning you immediately apply to your strategic plan and to your business, too. Everything is accessible through an easy-to-use learning management system.

Shawn Fink, Abundant Mama

Business has exploded and my confidence has soared.

Before this program, I had no business model other than to create content and try to sell it. Since going through the program with Tara, I have rebranded and built an amazing website that is focused on attracting my ideal client. My website business has exploded and my confidence in being able to run a profitable business has soared.

— Shawn Fink, creator of Abundant Mama

Update: Shawn now runs Abundant Mama full-time and she’s joined the ranks of “breadwinning women.” She’s launched a membership community and has been featured on MindBodyGreen and The Shriver Report.

I’m an idea person and every day I have at least 5 new ideas that I want to try out in my business. Creating a Chief Initiative has given me the focus I need to wake up in the morning knowing exactly what actions I need to take to grow my business. In 2015, my revenue doubled, I got exposure to new audiences in media outlets like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, She Owns It, and on the Slideshare Blog, and I created a group program so I can scale up my business in 2016.

Dr. Michelle Mazur

CEO, Communication Rebel

The marketing strategies taught in Quiet Power Strategy: The Foundation completely changed the way I was marketing my courses. Before QPS, I tried the launch “system” it seemed like everyone was doing, and it flopped in a big way–I made only 3 sales. After QPS, I figured out how to use MY strengths to communicate and market, and my sales skyrocketed. In 2015, my gross profits doubled, and so did my email list. It’s completely changed the way I market and sell and shown me the right metrics to focus on for growth.

Lacy Boggs

Founder, Content Direction Agency

My business goals are more clear now. Instead of having scattered ideas of what I want to achieve in different areas, I have a plan where these new ideas are analyzed and placed in benefit of my goals with less distraction and a clear plan to action on how to grow my business.

Jennifer Dopazo

Principal, Candelita

Why mastermind?

You are too alone in your business. Business owners who succeed have access to smart, savvy colleagues who are honest, open, and transparent about what’s worked for them. Just how often are you talking to people who are overcoming similar challenges and working towards similar goals to you?

Our guess is not nearly often enough.

From the moment Tara conceived of this program, she’s wanted to change that. When you choose the Strategist-Guided or Accelerator Mastermind, you become part of a family of business owners who are working together for your success–and you for theirs. 

Is this only for introverts?

Heck no! Your “Quiet Power” doesn’t actually have to be quiet–it has to be unique. We help you find your unique advantages so that you can break through any market no matter how noisy.

Our system also helps you discover the calm, quiet power of focus so that you can make bold decisions no matter how much static is trying to interfere.

What results can I expect?

Our goal is for you to create a plan to double your revenue. We want you to discover the opportunities you already possess and engineer the means to take advantage of them.

We also want you to be able to clearly articulate what you do in a way that stands out from the rest of the market, makes sales ridiculously easy, and guides your future activities.

Finally, we want you to have a strategic framework for making bold decisions and creating results-oriented action plans with ease. That will help you create the momentum and traction for your business that you crave.

Sometimes, results are immediate. We’ve had alumni generate $18-25,000 of unplanned revenue while still in the program as a direct result of what they learned and implemented. Other times alumni come back to us 4-6 months later to celebrate immense victories they achieved by working their plans. Only magic formulas promise instant results (and fail miserably). We trust that you realize long-term success builds over time.

I’m Tara Gentile and I want to help you make your personalized plan for success.

I’ve been everywhere from the headquarters of Etsy to the stage of CreativeLive to a microenterprise conference in Glasgow, Scotland to South by Southwest to trying to figure out why some entrepreneurs get all the customers, cash, and influence—while the rest don’t.

Some people have all the grand vision and creative thinking. Others have all the nose-to-the-grindstone hustle.

But the really successful ones combine purposeful, ambitious goals with focused strategic planning. That savvy combination allows them to direct their own day-to-day actions in the most effective way to them.

They don’t follow cookie cutter plans or magic formulas. They pay attention to what’s worked before, what’s working now, and craft what will work into the future.

Yes, I believe you can do this on your own.

And, I know my system can help you do it faster and more efficiently so that you can cut straight to the results. That’s what Quiet Power Strategy®: The Foundation is all about.

Questions? Contact us: general at taragentile dot com.

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