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Design Your Business To Earn More In Just 2 Days

Businesses that rise above are designed differently. Yours can be too.

Join Tara Gentile to redesign your business to up your earning potential from the comfort of your home office during the Quiet Power Strategy® Virtual Planning Retreat. (Next Retreat dates coming soon)

There comes a point in every business where revenue starts to flatline and your capacity as an owner gets maxed out.

You’re working harder and seeing the same results. Expenses pile up but they don’t lead to more profit.

You don’t know what to focus on to move the needle on your money, your time, or your impact in a meaningful way.

You’ve hit a ceiling. And here’s the thing…

Your business is earning you what it’s designed to earn you.

Now, that can be both good and bad.

Either way, it’s true.

It’s bad, of course, if you’re not earning what you want to earn. You’re not padding your savings account. You’re not taking great vacations. You’re not reinvesting in what’s important to you—and to your business.

It’s good because it means you can redesign your business to earn more.

When you first started your business, you put an offer or two on the table and you got to work trying to sell them. You started making some money and things felt good.

You made sales! You worked with happy clients! You filled your pipeline and grew your audience!

At some point, things started to level out. The wins became less frequent and they didn’t feel so life-changing anymore.

Things might even start to feel like a slog.

I call this the Earning Plateau.

What’s the Earning Plateau?

The Earning Plateau occurs when the design of your business maxes out. You can’t earn more because the design of your business simply doesn’t support generating more revenue.

You work harder and harder, but you don’t earn more revenue.


This happens for many reasons. Sometimes you don’t have enough capacity to serve more clients, sometimes you don’t have a message or value statement that allows you to connect with enough people, sometimes you don’t have a team to support taking advantage of new opportunities.

Your particular business design may be maxed out for other reasons.

In order to break through your ceiling and climb past the Earning Plateau, you need a new business design.


A new business design can help you connect with more of the right people, refocus your attention on what really moves the needle for your earning, and allow you to prioritize opportunities.

A new business design doesn’t mean starting from scratch. It doesn’t mean taking 2 steps back. A new business design means putting to use everything you’ve learned to this point.

A new business design reenergizes you and reinvigorates your community.

It allows you to focus, plan, and prioritize. It makes good use of all the hard work you’ve been putting into your business. It creates time where there was none before.

How do you know for sure if you’ve hit (or are about to hit) an Earning Plateau?

Of course, you don’t want to spend time redesigning your business if just giving it some more time or attention could help you earn more.

So how do you know if it’s time for a little business renovation?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You are:

  • Trading time for money and not clear on how to break the cycle
  • Experiencing more demand than you can handle and have no good way to handle it
  • Toying with an idea that has traction, but not taking full advantage of it
  • Always depending on the next launch or promotion instead of having a reliable way to make money
  • Needing to be constantly involved in your sales process instead of having people come to you
  • Flitting from technique to tactic and back again instead of having a great plan and sticking to it

If any of those sound familiar—or something like them—you can bet you’re getting close to hitting an Earning Plateau.

How you DON’T break through the Earning Plateau…

Look, there is no amount of learning about Facebook ads, live video, webinar sales, course design, branding, or content marketing that will truly push you past the Earning Plateau.


There are plenty of people selling that to you.

And, you’ve bought it. Understandably! They told you Facebook ads worked for them. They told you webinar sales allowed them to stop free consultations. They said turning their coaching into a course or program meant they could take weeks off at a time.

I won’t argue with their results. But I will argue with yours.

It’s not that any of these tactics don’t work. They all do. It’s not even that I think you should avoid them.

The foundation of your business must be designed to take advantage of everything you’ve learned–and everything you will learn–to be able to really use that learning to hit your goals. This is why these programs, tactics, and formulas haven’t worked for you.

But that can change.

It changes when the design of your business is engineered to hit your personal revenue goals, make the best use of your brand and unique approach, and fulfill your plans for community impact.

So, what does it take to redesign your business?

Redesigning your business isn’t as big of an endeavor as it sounds like. But it does require a process and intentional strategy.

I’ve spent the last 5 years designing that process. You see, I’m who your favorite coaches, authors, thinkers, designers, and educators come to when they hit their own Earning Plateaus.


Photo by Jessica Hill Photography at the first ever Quiet Power Strategy® Summit

After years of helping clients overcome this problem, I created a reliable process for addressing the problem and quickly redesigning a business to jumpstart it’s revenue growth.

I want smart, discerning business owners like you a way to have a proven way to address this problem every time it arises (because it will happen again).

I call the process Quiet Power Strategy®: The Foundation.

My team and I have helped people redesign their businesses to go from:

  • Living “paycheck to paycheck” to having predictable revenue
  • Offering client services to leveraged products/programs
  • Working one business idea to developing the next
  • Being a 1-person studio to a multi-person agency or firm
  • Shifting a low volume model to a high volume model
  • Writing proposals for every project to having packages people love buying

Here’s how it works…

Just a few of the smart, ambitious, warm-hearted entrepreneurs we’ve helped through this process.

Creating a new design for your business is a process of assessing what’s worked, identifying new opportunities, and optimizing existing systems.

When you do that, you can make decisions and take action to reach new goals.

Consider a “typical” (our typical clients are as different as Vulcans and Klingons) Quiet Power Strategy® client like Dr. Michelle Mazur.Michelle MazurMichelle helps executives, non-profit directors, entrepreneurs, and anyone else interested in getting their message across speak with impact.

Michelle came to us know that she wasn’t getting anywhere fast doing business the way she was doing it. Although she was successfully wooing new clients with her blog posts and helping clients land bigger and bigger gigs, she kept bumping up against a revenue ceiling.

She realized there was a limit on how much she could earn. Her business simply was not set up to earn more.

It didn’t matter how much she learned about Facebook ads, blogging, podcasting, or building courses, her business could work but it couldn’t thrive.

This is where the Quiet Power Strategy®: Foundation process comes in.

To determine new opportunities, you have to look back on old information. Michelle took a look her brand, her customers, and her offers. There was gold there.

Michelle was able to determine the exact messages that fired up her clients and created relationships where she could do her best work. She was immediately able to transition the way she talked about and sold her services. She wasn’t selling herself anymore, she was selling a keenly desired outcome and a process for achieving it.

Based on that, she was able to dramatically raise her prices. She also identified ways that she could work with small groups to amplify her impact and revenue.

We put all that together into her Business Model Plan.

That’s the first plan you’ll create as part of the Quiet Power Strategy process. It turns a disjointed set of products or services into a money-making machine. Without it, you can’t break through any revenue ceiling or find ways to spend less time in your business.

Your Business Model Plan outlines the offers you’ll make, the people you’ll make them to, how you’ll price those offers, and when you’ll need to execute them to hit your revenue goals. It’s clear and simple—your path to the numbers you dream of is laid out in front of you.

Next, we created Michelle’s Marketing and Sales Plan.

Michelle wanted to spend less time selling to people and more time working with clients and developing engaging content. Lots of people spend time wishing that would happen but Michelle got to work.

She outlined the conversation she needed to have with people to get them to book and created content to match. She landed outreach opportunities with Slideshare and Fast Company based on her content ideas.

Based on her original plan, Michelle has been developing a webinar marketing strategy, too. She’s taken her first plan and used it a number of ways as her business continues to evolve and grow!

Without a Marketing and Sales Plan, your stellar products could go unnoticed and unsold. Disappointment is status quo. Most importantly, you’re not helping the people you really want to help.

When you create your Marketing and Sales Plan, you won’t just have a plan for a single launch. You’ll have a personalized blueprint you can use to craft campaigns for every product or service you offer–whether they’re automated, evergreen, or in a launch model. You’ll always know what content to create and what emails to send to turn prospects into customers.

Finally, we created Michelle’s Integrated Action Plan based on the single thing she wanted to accomplish in the next 6 months.

For Michelle, that was launching a group called The Speaking Collective. For you, it might be landing a big media feature, writing a book, booking your first client at a much higher price, or hiring help.

Michelle met her goal because she worked hard and thought critically about the unique way we helped her put her plan together. You see, the key reason you have not stuck with your business plans in the past is because they don’t take into account all the extra “stuff” that comes up along the way—all the things that zap your attention and get you off track.

Our process includes that stuff because if you can anticipate it, you can plan for it. That’s what Michelle did and it paid off.

Instead of being surprised (and disappointed) every time a new problem presents itself, you’re prepared and ready to tackle it. In fact, you relish overcoming those obstacles and celebrate every victory you check off your plan.

Where’s Michelle now? She’s working with high-performing clients at twice (or more) her original rate. She’s also turned The Speaking Collective into Rebel Speaker Bootcamp–based on her successful podcast–where she helps clients go from aspiring speaker to sought-after speaker. Her audience has grown, her revenue has grown, and she’s raised the bar on her entrepreneurial lifestyle.

You don’t need a 12-week course to create your new business design.

Since I know you’ve done courses–my own or others–before…

Since I know you’ve been scouring the web for information…

Since I know you’ve had plenty of false starts to this point…

We’ve decided to do things differently. Not only do I want to work with you to help you build a foundation for your business that finally allows you to break through the ceiling you keep bumping up against…

july_mockupI want to do it for you in 2 days.

You’ll work with me and 23 other entrepreneurs over two days from the comfort of your own home office. We’ll tackle my entire business design system, from brand to customers, to product development, to business model, to marketing and sales campaigns. 

The last time we did this, 100% of our participants completed the program. When have you heard that before?

Plus, we’ll end it all with a comprehensive action plan to help you achieve your big goal.

Here’s How The 2-Day Foundation Virtual Planning Retreat Shakes Out

Building block by building block, we design the future of your business.

In Session 1, you identify your unique Business Growth Path. You also inventory your skills and passions to understand your Quiet Power Positioning and create a guiding statement for your brand strategy.


In Session 2, you create your 4-fold Quiet Power Strategic Plan for high-level focus. You also  figure out how your customer thinks and why they act the way they do. You anticipate their needs and create opportunities to serve them long-term.


In Session 3, you use what you’ve built so far to either optimize an existing offer for more profit and long-term growth or build a new offer to achieve your goals. You price your offer to fuel your machine.

In Session 4,  you engineer a cash machine–your Business Model Plan–that creates a schedule for making offers, a plan for predicting revenue, and a guide for producing content.

In Session 5,  you create a sales and marketing system to feed your Business Model Plan and ensure that the perfect people see the offer that’s perfect for them.

In Session 6, you revisit the bold choices you made throughout the program to construct a step-by-step strategic action plan with deadlines, key performance metrics, and milestones. 


Just a few of the business owners we’ve helped to create exciting business designs…





Want to be known for something else?

Maya came to us during a time of transition in her business. She was tired of struggling with her content and customers and was ready to bring something new to the table.

Based on her Quiet Power Strategy® plan, Maya made 2 offers with her new ideas. She filled 2 brand-new programs. And, she made $20,000 in completely unexpected revenue.

Want similar results? Maya says, “Quiet Power Strategy is for doers.”

Want to figure out how to work less & earn more?

Ana Ottman, founder of The Studio of Ana Ottman, wanted a completely different way to do business. She was tired of always trading time for money and having her income entirely rely on her creative output.

“My to-do list got shorter and actually got better results.”

Using her Quiet Power Strategy® plan, she launched a sold out program and she’s now on track to double her revenue this year.

Want to transition into a whole new class of clients?

Jennifer McCabe is the founder of Pluck With Purpose and helps high performers deal with conflict. She was looking to transition her business from a core group of clients who knew her to a much wider customer base. And, her high ticket offers weren’t just selling themselves!

She says, “I got out of my own way when I’m talking to my customers about what I do.”

Now she has a customer-focused way to explain what she offers and a new business model that’s helping her reach brand-new clients.


Time for something cheesy: but wait, there’s more!

I know that not only do you have a foundational problem that keeps you from building the next phase of your business, you have a confidence problem.

You worry:

Screenshot 2016-07-19 11.02.37

I want to help you stop worrying whether you’ll take action, whether you’ll see a return on investment for the time you put into your business, and whether all your effort will actually result in sales.

So this special offer includes the access to 3 additional programs designed to bring you accountability & support, systematic sales, and more confidence.

Let’s start with sales–because money is fun:

My favorite way to push past worry is to make sales. Nothing restores your confidence (or instills it in the first place!) like effectively selling your product or service to the people who need it most.

You’ll also receive access to our next session of Connect to Sell.

vr_connecttosellWe’re going to spend a whole day overhauling your sales process so that you can close more deals than you ever have before.

We’ll analyze & re-position your existing offer so that it’s a better fit for the people you want to sell to. You’ll identify why your offer hasn’t sold up to expectations in the past and craft a plan to overcome those challenges.

Then, I’ll show you how to connect with more of the right people for your offer. We’ll use content, branding, and referrals to support your sales process.

Next, we’ll work on overcoming all those pesky objections customers throw your way. Your copy will speak directly to your best customers and your process will help them want to buy from you–naturally.

Finally, I’ll walk you through the process of making a clear, direct pitch. Then, you’ll craft content to follow-up with interested prospects so you can maximize sales.

By the end of the day, you’ll have an effective, replicable sales system for selling more of your product, service, or program without feel sketchy or sleazy.

As sales start to feel more natural for you, your confidence will build and you’ll be better able to implement the plan we create in the Virtual Planning Retreat.

We know support, accountability, and a good sounding board make the difference between meeting goals and falling short.

When you register for the Quiet Power Strategy® Foundation Virtual Planning Retreat, we’ll also make you a member of The Masters Level of our private entrepreneurial community, CoCommercial.

You’ll get access to all the training we have there, 4 monthly Q&A calls with me (2 just for Masters Level members.)

I can hear that voice saying… “I’m not ready for this.”

If you’ve got a nagging little voice in your ear saying, “I’m not ready,” right now, you’re not alone. We never feel quite ready for the next step–or the experiences (like this one) that will get us there.

That’s why I’ve also partnered with Tanya Geisler to provide her Step Into Your Starring Role Playbook (an 11-week video program on dealing with self-doubt) to you, free. You’ll work through her proven coaching process so you can learn how to respond to the Impostor Complex when it comes up and move forward despite the little voice in the back of your head.

Is Quiet Power Strategy® for you?

The Quiet Power Strategy® Virtual Planning Retreat is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a professional services provider, coach, designer, academic, information marketer, educator, or idea person.
  • You’ve been in business 1-5 years or more.
  • You’re bumping up against a ceiling (money, clients, energy, etc…) in your business and you don’t know how to bust through.
  • You know (and love) that working with others—even independently—enhances the creative process.
  • You’re willing to sit with difficult questions because you know success doesn’t come easily.
  • You enjoy the process of tackling a problem from multiple angles.
  • You’re a self-starter.
  • You love (or want to love) leading your business as much or more as the work you do for customers or clients.

Our programs and community are not a good fit for you if:

  • You like simple answers.
  • You’re looking to learn a particular tactic or technique (Facebook ads, email marketing, how to build a course, etc…).
  • You’re new to business and have little experience offering your product/service (come back to us in 6 months!).
  • You’re not willing to ask for help.
  • You prefer done-for-you services.
  • You’d rather outsource the executive functions and leadership of your business (nothing wrong with that!).

Now, let’s talk logistics.

We’ll examine, assess, and innovate on your existing business plan during the Quiet Power Strategy® Foundation 2-Day Virtual Planning Retreat–limited to just 24 participants– from 11am-7pm Eastern/8am-4pm Pacific/3pm-11pm GMT. (Next Virtual Retreat dates to be announced soon.)

Plus, you’ll receive these carefully curated, foundational bonuses to help you stay supported, accountable, and on track:

We’ll overhaul your sales system during the Connect to Sell 1-Day Intensive. (value $997).

You’ll receive 12 months of access to The Masters Level of CoCommercial (value $1806) which includes 4 monthly Q&A calls with me and a private entrepreneurial community.

And, you’ll receive Tanya Geisler’s acclaimed Step Into Your Starring Role Playbook (value $300) so that, any time you hear the nagging voice of the Impostor Complex, you’ll know exactly on to move forward toward your goal.

taragentile_leftlookWorking with me in a 2-day retreat normally costs $10,000.00 plus expenses. But through the wonders of technology, we’re able to gather a small group so that I can work with you from the comfort of my home office (you too!). That means we can dramatically reduce the price.

Your investment for 12 months of support, 2 of our core business-changing programs, a community of peers waiting to cheer you on, and access to 12 guest experts is just $289/month for 12 months.

Sound like a plan?

Please register for more information and you’ll be the first to know when the next Virtual Planning Retreat is announced.








Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've bought other programs from Tara, including her CreativeLive classes?

I, Tara Gentile, am proud to tell you that I’ve completely revamped this curriculum. While many terms or concepts might sound familiar, they’re presented in a whole new way. Plus this system is geared to building your business foundation–whether you’re new to business or extremely experienced. We’ve heard from many alums that they’ve been able to put other classes and others to better use after digging into Quiet Power Strategy®.

Our focus is putting all the knowledge and ideas you have into a plan that’s actually designed to get you where you want to go. 

Is this only for service providers?

No. However, if you have a product-based business (jewelry, fashion, home decor, etc…), you need to have a service mindset. We do business people first, regardless of whether we’re working with a service provider or a product designer. “People first” means you should be open to considering how your customer uses your product, how you can educate or inspire them, and what your customer needs to know to buy.

What if I need to take a call or run an errand?

All of our sessions will be recorded. However, you should plan to attend as much of the planning retreat live as possible. If you need to “take care of business” during our implementation sessions, please plan for additional time to complete your plan. We expect the best results for those who are willing to set aside the full 2 days for the retreat.

What if I'm new to my business?

We’ll admit: this gets a little tricky. To make the best use of the Virtual Planning Retreat, you should have an established customer or client base. It doesn’t have to be tons of people, 10-15 is plenty. You should also have experience making offers to your audience (services, digital products, etc…) and have some experience creating marketing materials (blog, podcast, videos, Facebook, etc…). 

Beyond that, there is no threshold for revenue, list size, or how pretty your website is. You just need data (numerical or narrative) to make the best use of the experience.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a unique experience that happens in just 2 days, there is a “no refund” policy. We’ve spent years refining this process and we know it can work for you–if you’re willing to do the work. That said, there is always risk in business. If you’re risk-averse, this is probably not the experience for you.

If you register and cannot make the live event for unforeseen circumstances, we will extend your purchase to the next planning retreat.

Why retreat?

You are too alone in your business. Business owners who succeed have access to smart, savvy colleagues who are honest, open, and transparent about what’s worked for them. Just how often are you talking to people who are overcoming similar challenges and working towards similar goals to you?

Our guess is not nearly often enough.

From the moment I conceived of this experience, I’ve wanted to change that. When you register for the Virtual Planning Retreat, you’re stepping into a community of business owners who have your back and are eager to share what’s worked for them.

The other reason to retreat is that planning for your business–especially a big breakthrough–requires dedicated time and an openness to sitting with open-ended questions. A 2-day retreat–even in your own home or office–gives you the space you need to do just that.

Is this only for introverts?

Heck no! Your “Quiet Power” doesn’t actually have to be quiet–it has to be unique. We help you find your unique advantages so that you can break through any market no matter how noisy.

Our system also helps you discover the calm, quiet power of focus so that you can make bold decisions no matter how much static is trying to interfere.

Is this only for women?

Absolutely not! There is nothing specifically female about this program. We are proud of our large, predominantly female community–they’re smart, savvy, and ambitious–but we love menfolk too. 

There’s no risk to sign up for more information today!

You’ll be the first to know when we open the doors on our next Quiet Power Strategy® Foundation 2-Day Virtual Planning Retreat!

Just to recap:

We’ll examine, assess, and innovate on your existing business plan during the Quiet Power Strategy® Foundation 2-Day Virtual Planning Retreat–limited to just 24 participants.

Plus, you’ll receive these carefully curated, foundational bonuses to help you stay supported, accountable, and on track:

We’ll overhaul your sales system during the Connect to Sell 1-Day Intensive  (value $997).

You’ll receive 12 months of access to The Masters Level of The Lab (value $1806) which includes 4 monthly Q&A calls with me and a private entrepreneurial community.

And, you’ll receive Tanya Geisler’s acclaimed Step Into Your Starring Role Playbook (value $300) so that, any time you hear the nagging voice of the Impostor Complex, you’ll know exactly on to move forward toward your goal.

Your investment for 12 months of support, 2 of our core business-changing programs, a community of peers waiting to cheer you on, and access to 12 guest experts is just $289/month for 12 months.

Sound like a plan? 

When the time comes to apply, I’ll personally review your application. My team or I will answer your questions and show you how the program will help you achieve your personal goals. And then, we’ll get you moving toward a new whole design for your business.






The retreat is limited to just 24 participants. Register now to ensure your spot.

Your investment for 12 months of support, 2 of our core business-changing programs and a community of peers waiting to cheer you on is just $289/month for 12 months.

Get ready to be excited about your business again, and sign up to be the first to know when the next Virtual Planning Retreat is scheduled.

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