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Imagine a business training event that takes your every need into account.

It’s an event where the speakers and trainers share your values and respect your unique style. It’s a community in which personal experience, quirks, and unique points of view aren’t just tolerated but revered.

This training event wouldn’t be about being seen–but about truly being understood. And, at the same time, it would be about turning that deep understanding into strategies and tactics that fuel your ambition and product real results.

You’ve asked me for an event that’s both strategic and tactical. You’ve asked for something that goes beyond the basics. You’ve asked for something structured, intentional, and thoughtful.

You don’t just want to be motivated; you want to learn specific things you can take back to your business, apply immediately, and reap the benefits of. You don’t just want to meet cool people; you want to meet people who can help you break through to the next phase of your business.

Photos of Tara by Armosa Studio

“You force me to get specific with what I really want. To take bold action with it.”

The biggest reason why I’m excited to be going to the Quiet Power Strategy Summit isn’t just to learn a new marketing tactic or strategy to help grow or maintain my biz. I mean, I am, but that’s not really the thing that makes you and your programs so special. 

What I’m really after is the mindset shifts and new perspectives that challenge me and my way of thinking to open me up to the new possibilities of ideas, actions, and results I never would have considered before. You force me to get specific with what I really want. To take bold action with it. To do THE THINGS. That, combined with all the awesome people that are at these events provide so much support, insight and momentum that they help keep me moving forward and accountable.

— Natalie McGuire, Natalie McGuire Design

This is the Business Conference You've Been Waiting For

Great Location

The Edgefield is an idyllic resort complete with fine dining, spa, heated saltwater soaking pool, gardens, disc golf, winery, brewery, distillery, and more.

Top Notch Trainers

Our trainers are at the tops of their fields. Learn the latest techniques for creating the next phase of your business.


Unparalleled Community

The Quiet Power Strategy community is fiercely intelligent, ambitious, and focused. We’re also friendly, inviting, and warm. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Meet Me at McMenamin’s Edgefield Resort

I didn’t choose The Edgefield because it’s gorgeous, conveniently located close to the Portland International airport, or because it brews its own beer and produces its own wine. Although, it features all those things.

I chose The Edgefield because I wanted our location to shape the nature of this event. I value a space to hide out in during a big event (I’m an introvert, after all) but I also love the camaraderie that an all-in-one event space fosters.

At The Edgefield, you’ll be able to enjoy our conference training sessions, sneak away at break time with a group of new friends into a lounge or garden, or hatch a new business idea in the wine cellar after hours. You can network at the saltwater soaking pool or recharge by yourself on a walking trail.

I’m Tara Gentile and I help idea-driven entrepreneurs like you break through obstacles, earning plateaus, and confusion.

I created the Quiet Power Strategy Summit to connect smart, ambitious, warm-hearted entrepreneurs who all too often operate their businesses in isolation. I want to reveal the strategy and tactics of idea-driven businesses that are influencing their industries, making bank, and changing lives. I want to pull back the curtain and show these entrepreneurs what’s really involved with taking your business from 5-figures to 6-figures, and beyond.

If you’re a smart, ambitious, warm-hearted entrepreneur on the verge of a breakthrough but suffering from not connecting with the right people, this is the event for you. It’s an intentional, thoughtful business conference experience. It’s not about trading business cards; it’s about trading ideas. 

Top-Notch Training

Teaching is what I do and I don’t hold anything back. My Summit Speakers won’t either. They’re professionals and experts in their fields. They know speaking, finance, content strategy, paid traffic, team-building, business operations, curriculum strategy, and more… I’ve asked each speaker to format their talks to address one problem they know you struggle with. At the end of every talk, you’ll have an answer and game plan for tackling the questions that have been hounding your business. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect to learn:

  • Find what you want your business to be known for
  • Restructure your personal finances to take the brakes off your business growth
  • Up-level your branding to attract the clients you really want
  • Fix your broken sales process
  • Weather the inevitable ups & downs of small business
  • Structure your training, programs, or products to get the best results for you & your customers
  • Lead from your personal strengths
  • Build a team to support you

The Summit will also feature plenty of opportunities to ask questions, look behind the scenes of businesses you admire, and mastermind with our attendees.

Jacquette Timmons, Sterling Financial

Mindy Crary, Creative Money

Natasha Vorompiova, Systems Rock

Michelle Mazur, Communication Rebel

Breanne Dyck, Operations & Curriculum Strategy

Brigitte Lyons, B: The Forward Thinking PR Agency

Opening Keynote, Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey is an in-demand trainer, speaker, and business growth advisor who helps small businesses start finishing the stuff that matters. Focusing on strategy, planning, execution, and leadership development, Charlie has worked with hundreds of business owner-executives.

He has a keen understanding of what makes individuals, organizations, and the marketplace tick, and he is known for sharing those insights in accessible, actionable ways. His work is regularly featured in places like Inc.com, BNET, MSNBC, Project Domino, Under30CEO, Upmarket, Small Business MO, and Carol Roth’s Unsolicited Business Advice Blog. 

Charlie’s book The Small Business Lifecycle helps small business owners grow their businesses strategically by taking the right steps at the right time and is an Amazon #1 bestseller.


“I just felt like I fit.”

When I went last year, I just felt like I had found my PEEPS. I enjoyed the company of every single woman there. There wasn’t a ringer in the group, which I think says a lot about the kind of people you attract, Tara. I just felt like I fit.

— Lacy Boggs, Content Direction Agency

“Let me be blunt: every time I hang out with Tara and her team, I make money.”

Why am I so excited? Let me be blunt: every time I hang out with Tara and her team, I make money. I discover a new strategy, new positioning or new messaging that generates revenue in my business. I know that this event is going to be the perfect blend of strategy and tactics.

— Dr. Michelle Mazur, Communication Rebel

“… lasting connections with like-minded, kind, amazing women.”

I’ve traveled to Tara’s events twice and left both times inspired and having made lasting connections with like-minded, kind, amazing women. The structure of the event gave ample time for getting to know each other. I also loved the thrill (simultaneous pain and pleasure LOL) of getting to be in the Hot Seat for individual attention–that kind of feedback is precious!

— Shawn Tuttle, The New Way of Working Summit


What are my transportation/parking options getting to the event?

Fly into Portland International Airport (PDX). We recommend getting in on the afternoon or evening of Friday, April 29 so you’re fresh and ready for the start of the event on Saturday. Taxi fare from the airport to The Edgefield should be less than $50. You can also rent a car and drive–there’s free parking at the resort. Or, you can book a shuttle by yourself or with friends to save cost. More instructions will be available soon.

There is also an event Facebook group for coordinating travel, accommodations, and ground transport.

Is my ticket transferrable?

Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable up to 30 days before the event (April 1). Please email general@taragentile.com to arrange the transfer.

What food is included?

We’re still making decisions about food, but a light breakfast and lunch will be included with options for all diet types. If you have special concerns, please email Rosie (general@taragentile.com) so we can make notes for you. There are many other options for food and drink at The Edgefield including both a fine dining restaurant and a pub. McMenamin’s is known for Pacific Northwest regional fare in a cozy environment. Many items are prepared directly from the gardens on site.

Is there a special room rate?

No. The Edgefield is extremely affordable, though, and beats downtown hotel prices by a mile. We have a block of 40 rooms set aside plus rooms at the Best Western down the street. We recommend booking as soon as possible so you guarantee your room choice. Prepayment is not necessary. You’ll receive instructions for booking your room shortly after you register. Portland residents are encouraged to stay in the area, but we understand if you’d prefer to commute.

Is this event just for women?

No! If you’re a male business owner who aligns with Quiet Power Strategy™ and is looking for a different kind of business conference, we’d love to see you there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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