We Give Coaches, Designers, and Consultants a Proven System to Enhance Their Natural Intuition

Get the confidence, clients, and cash that come from becoming a Quiet Power Strategy® Business Strategist.

You’ve got serious talent. Let’s put it to work.

You love business and you know that entrepreneurship is the future of work. You love it so much that you want to serve other business owners to help them earn more money, work less, and create a legacy they’re proud of.

Right now, you’re relying on your natural intuition, common sense, and passion for business.

What would it be like to have proven tools and a reliable system for channeling your natural talent into dependable results?

Quiet Power Strategy® Business Strategists work with businesses that are lean & mean.

Our strategists guide micro and small business owners to perceive the world around them, discern their next steps, and focus on decisive action. They show their clients the pathways for reaching their goals and help them choose the path that’s right for them.

There are no magic formulas in Quiet Power Strategy®, just personalized coaching and individualized plans.

Quiet Power Strategy® Business Strategists are driven, compassionate, and focused. You’ll fit right in if:

  • You’ve got higher standards: for yourself, for your business, and for your customers.
  • Your work lights you up and big results make you feel radiant.
  • You’re an original and you want your business to be original too—but you also don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel.
  • You connect deeply with the people you work with. Their success is your success.

Our strategists help business owners solve the problems they face in their businesses today–and equip them for tomorrow.

Kyla started the Strategist Training Program in the transition from a web agency to a personal brand.

“I’ve had three client inquiries come in over the past two days, and as I’ve been drawing up the proposals I had to take a moment and step back. It’s  SUCH an amazing feeling to know immediately how I can help people who I would have wanted to help, but had no idea where to start with this time last year. These skills are what I’d hoped that I’d have been able to have five years from now. I’m  so incredibly grateful for your work and this program, and wanted to make sure you know.”

— Kyla Roma, Quiet Power Strategy® Certified Strategist (Spring 2015)

“This changed everything for me.”

Nevica Vazquez found the world of micro business when she was in college studying business and marketing. She studied up (online and offline) and started helping people market their businesses and earn more money on the side. She offered her services free of charge in Facebook groups and over Skype.

But she was nervous to charge for what she offered. She wanted proven systems for what she was teaching people and she wanted to stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Nevica started working with us in the Spring of 2015 on evenings and weekends while she worked a day job. By December, she knew she could quit. In February 2016, she made the transition to full-time business owner. Now she’s booked up and making more money than she did in traditional employment.

Whether you have years of experience or you’re just starting out… we can help.

Jamie started the Quiet Power Strategy®: Strategist Training Program last September. She says:

“I used to always think that my goal was to stay small: lean and mean. I wanted to run a one-woman show. I was happy being a ‘freelancer.’ During the Strategist Training, I realized that what I really wanted was more of an agency-style business. I’m now stepping more into the role of a business owner and CEO.”

While this has changed many things about the way she operates her business on a day-to-day basis, perhaps the biggest one is that she thinks “more into the future than to the next task.”

She says she’s making decisions more easily and much more focused on her ambitious goal. “No more waffling back and forth, worrying if I’m making the right decision or not. I’m much more confident.”

All that focus, deliberate action, and decision-making have lead to a significant payday, too. Jamie has more than doubled her 1st quarter year over year profit (and the 1st quarter isn’t even over yet!).

“I want to equip the next wave of business coaches & strategists with powerful, proven tools for true success.”

My name is Tara Gentile and I created the Quiet Power Strategy® system to equip the next wave of business coaches and strategists with powerful, proven tools to help entrepreneurs do more with less effort, heartache, and time.

When my consultancy went from full to overflowing, I decided to turn my experience, expertise, and ideas into a system that others could use to get the same results I was getting for my clients. I honed this system by leading over 150 entrepreneurs through it.

This system has helped entrepreneurs launch movements, exponentially increase their revenue, and find more breathing room in their businesses.

The Quiet Power Strategy® Strategist Training Program takes your natural talents for paying attention, using your senses, applying your insight, and carefully choosing the right set of actions and combines them with a set of powerful strategic tools.

You’ll help clients you love see new opportunities, edit their to-do lists, and realize their ideas with less heartache or hassle. You’ll teach them to lead themselves so that their everyday actions get them closer to their goals and not deeper into the weeds.

How does the program work?

We work in a mastermind format with a small, intimate group, a dedicated mentor (I’ll tell you more about her in a minute!), and me. The first 3 months of the program introduce you to the Quiet Power Strategy® system by putting it to work on your own business.

You’ll hone in on your strengths, create a profitable business model, build a new offer, engineer a marketing and sales system, and more. You’ll meet weekly with the mastermind group to troubleshoot, offer support to other group members, and get fresh new ideas.

You’ll also meet with me just about every other week in a dedicated, small group call to receive additional support and dive even deeper into the possibilities for your business.

Then, you’ll take the summer off to implement, experiment, and rest.

We’ll meet back in the Fall where you’ll work with me and your mentor to learn client management, coaching, and troubleshooting skills. We’ll dive deep into the theory of how strategy works and how to build tactical plans once you’ve made difficult choices.

I geek out. You can geek out with me. It’s really fun.

Who is this mentor?

Your personal mentor is Kate O’Brien. Kate has a huge heart, an incredibly smart brain, and an incomprehensible-to-me ability to balance vision, project management, and tactical implementation. I learn so much from her every time we talk. I know you will too!

Kate’s journey has wound its way from startups to freelance to life coaching until a few gracious clients encouraged her to set up shop as a business coach. Her specialty is in coaching emergent business owners and small teams to manage sustainable growth, and she teaches how marketing, strategy, numbers and emotion can learn to play nicely together.

I trained Kate in the Quiet Power Strategy® system back when I offered the training the very first time. We like to think of her as the Guinan to my Picard.

What happens when you go out on your own?

After the Fall session of the program, you’ll be a licensed Quiet Power Strategy Business Strategist. That means you’ll be able to work 1:1 with clients in a variety of packages–add them onto your existing services or make brand new offers to your audience.

We want to give you a complete, end-to-end system so you can work confidently and have a great product to market too. So once you’re licensed, you’ll purchase the QPS program at an incredible wholesale discount for the clients you work with. Your client will do the work with me as their virtual guide (think of it like a business coaching holodeck) and you as their hands-on guide.

We also support you with a private Slack channel and monthly support calls as long as you’re a licensee in good standing.

Later, if you’d like, you can continue on to become a Certified Business Strategist so that you can create custom packages, add our tools into your group programs, and more.

What’s the schedule?

Strategists-in-training can choose from two mastermind call times with Kate: Tuesdays from 2pm-3:30pm Eastern/11am-12:30pm Pacific or 5pm-6:30pm Eastern/2pm-3:30pm Eastern. (Other options are available with some of our other mentors if those don’t work for you).

Here’s the program schedule for the first half of the experience:

March 28

Sessions 1-3


April 4

Sessions 4-6

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

April 11

Sessions 7-9


April 18

Implementation Week


April 25

Implementation Week

Mastermind (Summit)

May 2

Sessions 10-12

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

May 9

Sessions 13-15


May 16

Session 16-18

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

May 23

Implementation Week


May 30

Action Plan

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

June 6

Action Plan


June 13

Action Plan

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

June 20

Action Plan

Mastermind | Call w/ Tara

Is this for me?

This is for you if you are passionate about helping micro and small business owners create thriving businesses and share their messages with the world. Our strategists have come from the worlds of web design, coaching, financial management, and other professional services. You do not need experience with working with business owners to take advantage of this training. 

You should be open to experimentation, motivated to learn, and eager to apply. 

How do you find clients?

We refer out to our licensed Quiet Power Strategy® Strategists all the time. Our Customer Experience Team gathers client inquiries and helps to make matches with appropriate strategists. We can’t promise we’ll send you clients but we’re always fielding new inquiries.

We also provide opportunities to hone your skills and engage with our Lab members. This is a community of idea-driven business owners who are hungry for your knowledge and expertise. 

But most importantly, we help you get crystal clear on who you want to work with and how you can engage them so that you don’t have to rely on us for new clients. 

What’s the refund policy?

Because this program isn’t like other courses you’ve taken, you need to do the work. If you truly feel the program isn’t right for you and can’t help you get the results you crave, we are happy to refund your full investment up to 30 days after the beginning of the program. Please be prepared to show at least 7 sessions of work.

When you're ready for a proven system to enhance your intuition, you're ready to be a Quiet Power Strategy® Business Strategist.

We’ve broken up your investment for the Strategist Training Program into 8 payments of $750. If you’d prefer to pay in full, you’ll receive a discount. Click below to start your journey as a Quiet Power Strategy® Business Strategist!


If you’d like to give the system a spin before committing to the Strategist Training Program, you can enroll in the main program here.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Rosie at rosanna@taragentile.com.